Female Fertility

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Fertility Treatment

Since 1990 the Amazon Fertility Program has assisted 1000s of clients from around the world conceive healthy children.


Fertility treatment often focuses on symptoms rather than the underlying causes of infertility.

The shamanic view is that fertility is a part of our natural healthy state. Infertility is caused by some imbalance. Getting pregnant requires restoring balance. When the imbalance is addressed then symptoms like infertility disappear as we return to our natural healthy state.

The Amazon Fertility Program is designed to restore balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. As balance is restored there is a natural return to health and symptoms of imbalance like infertility disappear.

Antonia Ruhl – when everything else fails…

If you’re over 35 and have had regular, unprotected sex for more than a year, and you have seen doctors or countless experts without becoming pregnant, then take heart. Antonia may be able to help you produce the miracle of life!

Ruhl has opened closed wombs and awakened snoozing reproductive systems that could not be stimulated by regular fertility treatments.

Antonia is not your typical health professional – she is a gifted healer.

After two years of tribal immersion, she was initiated as a Tribal Medicine Woman by the Medicine Guru of the Kayapo Indians, an Amazonian tribe.

One of her secret healing techniques is using Pulse Therapy to energize the human body. Using this powerful method, she believes that she can energize the crystalline structures of plants and herbs to increase their potency.

Ruhl has also studied the anatomy of plants with various herbal masters. She believes this unique knowledge and expertise enables her to select plants based on their similarities with the human anatomy to treat infertility in men and women.