Amazonian Vital Food

The Amazon Fertility Program is designed to restore balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. As balance is restored there is a natural return to health and symptoms of imbalance like infertility disappear.

Amazonian Vital Food for Women
Amazonian Vital Food for Men

Amazonian Vital Food is a shamanic herbal formula designed to enhance well-being and health. The herbs may assist in strengthening the blood and kidneys, which in turn may have a nurturing effect on the whole body.

  • For the past twenty-five years, I have tried all necessary means to have a baby, with no success.

    That all changed 2 years ago when I met Antonia Ruhl. …

    I was finally able to conceive.

    Helen K.
  • My husband and I had been trying to conceive for approximately 4 years. …

    After being told that I would require donor eggs I saw Antonia for a healing session. …

    I could not believe it! After 4 months of treatment, I was pregnant.

    At the age of 43, I gave birth to our beautiful daughter who is now 10 months old.

    Anne R.
  • We were told that my husband’s sperm count was really low and the only way for us to conceive was going to be IVF. …

    Only being with Antonia for a little over three months we were successful in conceiving naturally.

    We now have a beautiful little jungle baby who turned one last week and after seeing Antonia for the past four months we are now expecting baby number two!

    Stephen and Elizabeth T.
  • I was trying to conceive for about 3 years and even though I had at the time a 4 years old child I was having difficulty in falling pregnant. Therefore after reading an article on “Women’s Day” Magazine about the Brazilian herbs with the positive results of one of Dr Antonia’s patient it Inspired me to contact Dr Antonia Ruhl. … taking these Brazilian herbs for 3 month I’ve conceived. Now I have a beautiful baby girl called Olivia.
    Ilda C.
  • Antonia is an amazing woman and I thank the universe every day for having allowed us to meet her. Whenever I show my 9-month-old baby girl photos of Antonia she pulls the photo towards herself and smiles. It is clear there is a connection between them. Now we are hoping we can give her a little brother or sister and are again seeking Antonia's help to do so.
    Jane & Sanjiv H.